Stay positive.

Everyone can recognize a time of pain and loss, the difference is how you deal with it. Always try to be positive, no matter how shitty the day is. There is no reason to be angry with others, you are heard you belong to who you are, because of your, for example, did or said something wrong. Always love your friends and don’t despise them, you never know if such good friends will come into your life again. Don’t throw your life away just because a few days or a week is going badly, I also didn’t understand that for a long time. There are always people who love and understand you. Do not be sad because you are fat, thin, muscular, a leek, gay or straight, black or white. We are all human beings and deserve our lives like everyone else. I can only say that I haven’t thrown my life away and I don’t regret it a bit. The possibilities with the person of friends and family are open to me. Dare to be strong.

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